What is the Mountain Top Welcome Club?

Since 1969, our purpose has been to help citizens of Mountain Top and the surrounding areas get acquainted with the area and each other. The Club also participates in charitable and humanitarian projects in the Mountain Top community. Don’t be fooled by our name though... our members range from those who have just moved to the area to those who have lived here their whole lives. And our members reside in not only Mountain Top, but the surrounding areas as well.

Some of our special interest groups include:
Coffee & Babies
Preschool Playgroup groups include:
Coffee & Babies
Preschool Playgroup
Moms & Tots Events
Dinner Club
Book Club
Roadside Cleanup
Welcome Club Night Out (and more!)

The Club issues a monthly newsletter detailing all of the activities for the coming month. The events are open to current and prospective members. Please join us for one of the Club’s general meetings, an excellent opportunity to meet new people, ask questions about the special interest groups, and listen to a guest speaker. As a prospective member, you will enjoy a complimentary lunch and babysitting services.

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